Relatable and authentic.

This is a podcast hosted by a wife and husband who founded a nonprofit called Autism Empowerment in 2011. They also produce Spectrum Life Magazine. Karen is autistic, John is dyslexic and they parent two autistic children. Their life experience provides an interesting and authentic perspective. Shows are presented in a caring, authentic, relatable and compassionate way and their chemistry and back-and-forth dynamic keeps the show moving. If you're used to podcasts either being by autistics for autistics or by parents for parents, this show is good for both and anyone who loves someone in the autism community.

Awesome Resource for the Autism Community!

Although this is a newly-launched podcast, it is already obvious that it is an important and valuable resource for the Autism community. The seven episodes so far are packed with great information, presented in a professional and easy-to-listen-to manner. And it’s no wonder; cohosts Karen (who is on the spectrum herself) and John Krejcha are longtime members of the Autism community via their Autism Empowerment organization and Spectrum Life Magazine, and they have previous extensive experience in broadcasting and hosting from their time producing the Autism Empowerment Radio show. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone with any connection to Autism, whether you identify as autistic yourself, have friends or family members who do, or both. Looking forward to more terrific content!